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Sensor Production

OMCH sensor production line has been designed to meet the requirements of our customers' high-quality and low-volume production. We provide an extensive range of products in high quantities, tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.

Quality Control

Standardized materials and strict quality control guarantees high speed production and meets the demand in the market.

Production Line

The OMCH Production Line is used to produce different types of sensors. The main components include the unique sensor PCB-this is the core parts, body, front and back cap, glue, wire etc.

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Our 30 years of experience in proximity switches and photoelectric switches

Joan - Sales Manager

Advanced Technology

Our company specializes in the design and development of the sensors. We have a distinct advantage over other companies because we can do the whole process from research and development to manufacture, including assembly, calibration and testing.

Delivery On Time

We offer a full range of wireless-connector type and cable type sensors and controls that allow you to detect, sense and measure just about anything.

Expert Engineers

Our product provides a solution for all kinds of industries. It is easy to install, maintain, and operate. The advantage of this sensor over the traditional sensors is that it can be connected with other devices such as building automation systems or access control system.

Customer Support

our OMCH company has a rich industry experience more than 30 years  and a young, enthusiastic, professional and highly skilled team. The company is recognized worldwide as a leader in its field of expertise with sensor technologies.

Industry Application

Our proximity switches are used in different industries

Valve Equipments

The proximity sensor switch is widely used in valve control. Oilfields, nuclear power plants, food processing plants and beverage manufacturers all need to have valve positions inspected to help staff confirm the state of the valve opening and closing and the size of the opening range.

Medical Industry

Sensor technology in the medical industry has a lot of play, now, sensors in cancer treatment, non-invasive detection, and other areas have shown great potential.

Printing Industry

The color mark sensor strictly corresponds to the spectral composition of the target irradiation, once the label is detected, the signal is immediately sent to the back-end PLC system, at this time can be followed by positioning, cutting and other processing.

Automation Line

Relying on photo sensor switch and proximity switch to obtain production information for the food industry has been the trend for modern food processing companies. Integrated circuit detectors have been used extensively in foreign food processing plants and this technology detects the time of spoilage of food.

Automation Industry

The capacitive proximity switch is made by using the principle of changing the electrical capacity of the object under test by approaching it.

Car Industry

Inductive proximity sensor switch is usually used in the automobile industry, it can monitor the running status of the whole production line in real-time.

About Us

Was founded in the spring of 1986. At that time, there were only three people, but we were already working on inductive proximity switch, photoelectric switch. We also started our own brand, “OMCH”. After 3 years of development, we have become an excellent inductive proximity sensor supplier.

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Get a solution for all your Industries needs.

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