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Zhejiang Hugong Automation Technology Co. , Ltd.

Was founded in the spring of 1986. At that time, there were only three people, but we were already working on inductive proximity sensor, photo sensor switch. We also started our own brand, “OMCH”.

After 3 years of development, we have become an excellent proximity sensor manufacturer.


Proximity Sensor Manufacturer

In 1990, we moved into our own factory building as the proximity sensor manufacturer, where our sales values reached 30 million CNY and the number of workers is more than 150.

Became a well-known trademark in China-“OMCH”.


OMCH is specialized in making proximity sensors, photoelectric sensor switches, light curtain sensors, industrial power supplies, solid state relay, laser sensor optical amplifier etc. We can provide OEM, ODM services. Due to 30 year’s developments, we got the good reputation in the world, please refer to the following customer’s words.

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"My lifelong quest is to make OMCH products available all over the world. You can use OMCH products for a long time in any automation equipment and become known as a solution provider for industrial control solutions."

Sensor Application

Our Proximity Sensor and Photoelectric Sensor Switch are widely used in many industries, car, parking, textile, packaging etc. These products help the automation industry move into 4.0.

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