Inductive Proximity Sensor, Capacitive Proximity Sensor

The Best Proximity Sensor Manufacturer in China

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Diffuse, Retro-reflective, through beam

Photoelectric Sensor Switch

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Proximity Sensor manufacturer enter into industry 4.0

OMCH, the experts in proximity sensor

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inductive proximity sensor

Inductive Proximity Sensor

This inductive proximity sensor is also known as a contactless proximity switch, is an ideal electronic proximity sensor.

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Photoelectric Sensor Switch

Photoelectric Sensor Switch: Through Beam Type

Short-Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection And Surge Absorption.

Photo Sensor Switch long service life, high reliability and strong resistance

through beam photoelectric sensor
industrial power supply

Industrial Power Supply

Low price and high reliability
105℃ Output capacitor
AC input power suitable for the world
High efficiency and low operation temperature
Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impact effectively
With short-circuit and overload protection
100% full-load burn-in test
Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave

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Proximity Sensor Manufacturer


Zhejiang Hugong Automation Technology Co. , Ltd.

Was founded in the spring of 1986. At that time, there were only three people, but we were already working on inductive proximity sensor, photo sensor switch. We also started our own brand, “OMCH”. After 3 years of development, we have become an excellent  proximity sensor manufacturer.


Proximity Sensor Manufacturer

In 1990, we moved into our own factory building as the proximity sensor manufacturer, where our sales values reached 30 million CNY and the number of workers are more than 150. Became a well-known trademark in China-“OMCH”.


Focus Values

As the proximity sensor manufacturer, we are constantly innovating and introducing many new products in recent years, such as capacitive proximity sensor, photo sensor switch, light curtain sensor, etc.But our main product, the proximity sensor, accounts for 60% of our annual sales. We aspire to be a solution specialist in the field of automation.


Our Factory

Quality, precision, innovative spirit: cornerstones of the impressive success story, from a small firm to a corporate group operating at global level.

Proximity Sensor And Photoelectric Sensor Switch in Application

Our Proximity Sensor and Photoelectric Sensor Switch are widely used in many industries, car, parking, textile, packaging etc. These products help the automation industry move into 4.0.

in Automation industry

Inductive Proximity Sensor is widely used

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in the textile industry

 Photoelectric Sensor Switch is adaptad

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in packaging machinery

 Inductive Proximity Switch and Photoelectric Sensor Switch are used

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in automation and machining industry

Area Sensor plays an important role

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in food and beverage industry

Photoelectric Sensor Switch and Proximity Sensor are adapted

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In Logistics

Photoelectric Sensor Switch

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Proximity Sensor is widely used in the automation industry.

Photoelectric Sensor Switch is widely used in CNC machines etc

OMCH is specialized in making proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor switch, light curtain sensor, industrial power supply, solid state relay, laser sensor optical amplifier etc. We can provide OEM, ODM services. Due to 30 year’s developments, we got the good reputation in the world, please refer to the following customer’s words.

Indian Customer-Singh Mahammad

OMCH helps me build processes and explore the inductive proximity sensor into my business like a programmer without having to learn to code

Brazilian Customer-Jorse Georgia

Thanks for OMCH to provide us the incomparable products-(inductive proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor switch) with the unbelievable prices, it is an amazing experience.


Proximity Sensor, Photoelectric Sensor Switch, Area Sensor, Rotary Encoder, Switching Power Supply, Solid State Relay, Miniature Relay etc got CE Certificates.

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