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Magnetic Proximity Sensor

Introduction The detection of presence or absence of an object from a distance is called ‘proximity sensing’. Magnetic sensors have a special place among the

Hall Effect Proximity Sensors

Introduction Industrial automation applications often need detection of objects. There are many types of sensors that are designed to detect the presence of objects made

Diffuse Photoelectric Sensors

Introduction Diffuse-reflective photoelectric sensors are a type of optical sensor that are commonly used in industrial automation applications. They have a built-in light emitter and

Retroreflective Sensors

Introduction Photoelectric sensors are the type of sensors used to detect objects based on a variety of optical properties. Photoelectric sensors are made of an

Inductive Proximity Sensor

Introduction Proximity sensors are used in industrial environments to detect the presence of objects. There are two main types of objects; metallic and non-metallic. Inductive

Capacitive Proximity Sensor

Introduction There are many types of proximity sensors used in different applications. We use capacitive proximity sensors to detect any type of object without any

NPN and PNP proximity sensors

Proximity sensors are used to detect objects without making physical contact. There are 2-wire and 3-wire proximity sensors, and 3-wire proximity sensors are more popular.

The Working Principle Of Optical Coupler

1)The working principle of optical coupler is that the photo-coupler produces optical current due to photoelectric effect, which is induced from the output of the

New Improved Photo Sensor E3Z

Setting E3Z product parameters at one click: set the output status Short press the yellow button to release, the indicator lights flashing 3 times, that

How does a proximity sensor work?

The Proximity Sensor is a sensor that detects the proximity of an object in the vicinity and is commonly used in industrial sites. As the