Photoelectric Switch is adaptad in the textile industry

Project Description:

photoelectric switch in texitile industry

Photoelectric Switch is adapted in the textile industry

Non-contact measurement in photoelectric detection, it can’t change the original state of the yarn, combined with Mechanical Processing Technology, micro-technology, computer technology, including non-fiber inspection, textile, weaving, printing and dyeing and finishing of the online monitoring, testing, and finished, semi-finished textile production in each link, so that the quality of textile products have been effectively controlled and improved. The photoelectric switch is mainly used to measure speed, clear yarn defects, detect yarn and check cloth, probe weft, and Jacquard in the weaving process.

1. Photoelectric sensor velocity measurement

The photoelectric switch converts the rotational speed signal of the revolving body into the corresponding frequency pulse. The rotational speed can be obtained by measuring the pulse frequency. This method is simple and reliable.

2. Photoelectric sensor Jacquard

The color pattern, which represents the pattern of the fabric, is attached to the roller of the scanning device. The roller rotates at a certain speed. When the light is focused on the pattern, the different colors on the pattern have an unwanted reflection intensity to the anti-color light. After photoelectric conversion, the output of different values.

3. Grading of cotton

The image features of cotton were extracted by digital processing technology, and the indexes of color, impurity content, and fiber length were obtained.

In addition, the photoelectric switch can also be used to remove foreign fibers in cotton, automatic winder yarn cleaning, and so on.