New Improved Photo Sensor E3Z

Setting E3Z product parameters at one click:

  1. set the output status

Short press the yellow button to release, the indicator lights flashing 3 times, that is, to turn the normally open and closed output state.

Set detection distance

Place the test object in front of the sensor, press the blue button briefly, and release it. The indicator light will flash 3 times at the same time, that is, the distance is set up.

Performance parameters:

3-wire NPN or PNP output

  1. Working Voltage DC10-30V, maximum output current 150mA.
  2. The NPN output low level is 1.2 v, the PNP output high level is Vcc-1.2 v.
  3. The working temperature of the sensor is 10 ~ 55 °C, and the detection distance within this working temperature range is 5%
  4. Detection Distance 3CM-100CM adjustable (test condition A4 White Paper)
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