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Product overview CJX2 series AC contactors mainly use dry AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated isolation voltage 690V, rated working voltage 380V and rated working current


Product overview ZQ1-63 automatic transfer switch is suitable for dual power supply system with AC current of 50/60HZ, rated voltage of 400V and rated current


Product overview This product conforms to IEC-947-6-1 standard and the national green electrical product standard. ZQ2 series Shuang Yuan automatic changeover switch is suitable for


Product overview ZQ3 automatic transfer switch, which integrates switch and logic control, does not need external controller, and truly realizes electromechanical integration. It has the


Product overview ZQGL series load isolating switches are modular design basic type in 18 specifications from 125- 3150A, with three poles and four poles (three

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