High Pressure Proximity Sensor Manufacturer
  • Sensing Distance: 2mm – 15mm
  • Response Frequency: DC:1kHz AC:50Hz

High Pressure Proximity Sensor

OMCH is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure proximity sensors and has always been among the best in many domestic suppliers. Our Hall-
effect proximity sensor adopts anti-oxidation metal casing and can choose M12/M18/M30 and other diameter specifications. We have a strong
production capacity and a sufficient number of Hall-effect proximity sensors for sale, and we accept orders from most countries in the world.

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Certain industrial applications will require sensors with special properties. Especially when there is pressure, this type of sensor product is needed. In a
wide range of hydraulic cylinder and valve applications, high pressure proximity sensors are exposed to harsh environments and withstand pressures
that standard sensors simply cannot withstand.

High pressure proximity sensor usually adopts the selected patch process technology. The working principle is that the pressure of the measured
pressure directly acts on the sensor chip of the sensor, causing the sensor chip to produce a micro displacement proportional to the pressure so that
the resistance value of the sensor changes. And use the electronic circuit to detect this change, and convert and output a standard measurement signal
corresponding to the pressure.

High pressure proximity sensor are designed to withstand the severe loads of high-pressure applications. Its product features include corrosion-resistant
housing materials, high-strength ceramic sensing surfaces, and special sealing technologies, such as undercut housings with seals and support rings.
This is very important because not only do we need a sensor that can withstand the pressure on the sensor surface without damaging it, we also need
to make sure that we can keep the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder or valve.

High pressure proximity sensor is a device that converts the measured power parameters into DC current, DC voltage and isolates and outputs analog or
digital signals.

High pressure proximity sensor is used to measure the voltage or current signal with serious waveform distortion in the power grid. It can also measure
the non-sinusoidal waveforms such as square waves and triangle waves. It is a detection device that can feel the information of the measured voltage
and can transform the sensed information into an electrical signal that meets certain standards or other required forms of information output according
to certain rules to meet the transmission of information, Processing, storage, display, recording, and control requirements.

The induction distance of our High pressure proximity sensor can be accurate to 2mm-15mm, with a built-in intelligent sensor chip, fast frequency
response, strong anti-interference, accurate detection, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-interference, high-quality anti-
oxidation metal shell, full product shell Metal material, rust-proof and durable.