Incremental Rotary Encoder


The 40 axis hole diameter of Phi φ8,deep 12,adopts a plate spring is connected. The cable side output (with connector). For computer embroidery machine. The


Seismic design,anti oil,using inner six angle socket set screw connection,convenient use. The diameter of φ58,φ12 and phi aperture,φ10,φ9.5,φ8 options. Widely used in light machinery,textile machinery.


Thin designed body,   fixed without keyway locking ring, convenient installation, and varies of specification of hollow shaft size to choose. Outer dia 80×43, hollow shaft


This product is widely used in CNC machine tools, compact and reasonable structure can bear high axial and radial load. Standard flange making installation more


The product is widely used in automatic control, automatic measurement and control, computer technology and CNC machine for angle and transverse, longitudinal coordinate measurement. The


Can Replace of KOYO TRD-2T TRD-S, Nemicon OVF, OEW2, OVW2 Electrical characteristics Specification Dimension: (mm)  


A series of products reference close control OVW2 series production, can completely replace the use of. B series of products reference close control OEW2 series


Suitable for precision work environment, industrial automation field. It is characterized by the use of ASIC optoelectronic devices, high reliability, long life, strong anti-interference ability,


Stable for numerical control machine tool, automation control field. Using the anti vibration design, suitable for vibration environment Electrical characteristics Specification Dimension: (mm)    


Economic applicable,small torque,light weight,multiple specifications. Standard shaft diameter φ5,can also be processed into φ6,φ8,φ9.5,φ10. Using ASIC photoelectric devices,with wide temperature range. High reliability,strong anti-interference ability.


Economic type for CNC. Easy installation, good interchangeability, strong interference resistance. Diameter 70mm, stop opening 52mm, D shaped incision shaft The aviation plug output Electrical characteristics


The characteristics of the ASIC photoelectric devices,firmness,high reliability,long life,strong anti-interference ability,wide temperature range of use etc.. Using the anti vibration design,suitable for vibration environment. Special


Control panel behind only terminals, weighing about 70g, ultra thin ultra small. Insulation resistance is high, as a pulse generator, the origin is most suitable


Novel appearance, easy to move, anti-jamming, strong carrying capacity. With the X1/X2/X100 gear ratio. Equipped with a control switch, emergency stop switch selectable. Products are

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