Applicable for the safety detection of automatic assembly line, elevator, danger restricted zone, metal forming machine, punching & shearing machine tool, paper cutter and so on and has protection function. Adopting synchronism scanning technology, concentrated beam path, non working blind area,strong anti-interference ability, and convenient installation. Resistance to mutual interference function. It is possible to closely mount more than 2 sets of devices. Fault self-check, function, power failure stop, inner component fault stop, connection fault stop, object invading stop signal output. Attached with specific control supplying powerful control function. Replaceable for similar products made by SICK,STI,KEYENCE,Honeylell Corp.

Electrical characteristics

Power voltageDC12-24V
Consumption current<200mA
Response time≤15ms
Indicator lightTransmit: RED (power LED); Receiver :Green(output LED)
Light Sourceinfrared light
Connectwith plug connector,with cable, transmit with 3 pins , and receiver with 4 pins
Cable length2M,3M,5M (can make )
The body materialAluminum alloy and , The cover is reinforced nylon
Resist ambient lightincandescent:light area illumination 3000Lx;Sunlight:light area illumination 10000Lx
Resist ambient Temperaturewhen working -5 to 50 degree (but no freeze);
when keep in stock,-25 to 55 degree
Ambienthumidity:when working:35-85%RH;When keep in stock:35-95%RH
Mode number Anix No. Fiber opticProtection Sensing TypeSensingType
GM20-4 4 20420601200-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-6 6 206201001600-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-8 8 208201402000-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-10 10 2010201802400-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-12 12 2012202202800-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-14 14 2014202603200-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-16 16 2016203003600-3/6M 0-3/6M
GM20-18 18 2018203404000-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-20 20 2020203804400-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-22 22 2022204204800-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-24 24 2024204605200-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-26 26 2026205005600-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-28 28 2028205406000-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM20-30 30 2030205806400-3/6M NPN/PNP
Mode number Anix No.Fiber optic Protection The body Sensing Type
GM40-4 4 404401201800-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-6 6 406402002600-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-8 8 408402803400-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-10 10 4010403604200-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-12 12 4012404405000-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-14 14 4014405205800-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-16 16 4016406006000-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-18 18 4018406807400-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-20 20 4020407608200-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-22 22 4022408409000-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-24 24 4024409209800-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-26 26 402640100010600-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-28 28 402840108011400-3/6M NPN/PNP
GM40-30 30 40 3040116012200-3/6M NPN/PNP


Two size dimension for choose:

1: CSA is 26*29mm (shown as picture)

2: CSA is 35*18mm

L: the body shell height

H :protection height

H :protection height

N Anix distance (20/40)

T The connector height

Dimension: (mm)