Thin designed body,   fixed without keyway locking ring, convenient installation, and varies of specification of hollow shaft size to choose.

Outer dia 80×43, hollow shaft dia 30mm (or 25mm, 20mm, 18mm).

Mainly used for elevator, CNC, light industry machinery, displacement, speed measurement.

Connected by plate spring and CPE

Electrical characteristics

Output typeE(voltage output)C circuit outputF complementary outputL (driver)T (driver)
power supply voltage of DC (V)5±0.25%s5±0.25%s5±0.25%s5±0.25%s
Current consumption (mA)≦60≦60≦60≦60≦60≦60≦100≦80
The output voltage (V) Vm≧3.5≧Vcc-2.5≧3.5≧Vcc-2.5≧2.5≧Vcc-2.5
The output voltage (V) V1≦0.5≦0.5≦0.8≦1.0≦0.5≦0.8
Rise time (NS)≦500≦1500≦300≦500≦200≦800
Fall time (NS)≦100≦300≦200≦200≦200≦800
The frequency response(kHz)0~1000~1000~1000~1000~1000~1000~1000~100


Outer diameter80mm
ShaftHollow shaft
Shaft Diameter20mm, 25mm, 30mm
Outlet wayplug side
Power supply voltage5V  5V~24V  30V
Cable lengthBlank:Standard 2M
Zero position signal degreeM=zero signal
Out put signalB=A,B, Z phase
Pulse10-1024  1200-2048  2500-3600  3600-5000
Signal output methodVoltage output E/Current output C/Complementary output F/Drive output L

Dimension: (mm)