The product is widely used in automatic control, automatic measurement and control, computer technology and CNC machine for angle and transverse, longitudinal coordinate measurement.

The characteristics of light weight, small volume, low power consumption, high reliability.

Can replace the inner density control OSS and Autonics E30S4.

Electrical characteristics

Output typeE (voltage output)C (current output)
The power supply voltage of DC(V)5~24V5~24V
Current consumption (mA)≦60≦60
The output voltage (V)Vm≧Vcc-1
The output voltage (V)Vt≦0.5
Rise time (NS)2500
Fall time (NS)500
The frequency response (KHz)≧100≧100


Outer diameter30mm
ShaftSolid shaft
Shaft Diameter4mm
Outlet waycable out ((EC)
Power supply voltage5~24V
Cable lengthStandard 0.5m
Zero position signal degree1T
Output signalA, B, Z phase
Pulse100, 200, 360, 400, 500 or as requested
Signal output methodcurrent output / voltage output

Dimension: (mm)