Suitable for precision work environment, industrial automation field.

It is characterized by the use of ASIC optoelectronic devices, high reliability, long life, strong anti-interference ability, wide temperature range of use etc..

Can instead of Koyo TED-J, E50S8 series of Autonics

Electrical characteristics

Output typeE voltage outputC current outputF Complementary outputL Drive output
The power supply voltage of DC(V)5V±0.255~24V5V±0.255~24V5V±0.255~24V5V±0.255~24V
Current consumption (mA)≦60≦60≦60≦60≦60≦60≦100≦80
The output voltage (V)Vm≧3.5≧Vcc-2.5≧3.5≧Vcc-2.5≧2.5≧Vcc-2.5
The output voltage (V)Vt≦0.5≦0.5≦0.8≦1.0≦0.5≦0.8
Rise time (NS)≦500≦1500≦300≦200≦200≦800
Fall time (NS)≧100≦300≦200≦200≦200≦800
The frequency response (KHz)0~1000~1000~1000~1000~1000~1000~1000~100


Outer diameter50mm
ShaftSolid shaft
Shaft Diameter8mm
Outlet waycable out (EC) / cable side out (G)
Power supply voltage5V 5~12V 12~24V 24V
Cable lengthStandard 0.5m
Zero position signal degree1T
Output signalA, B, Z phase
Pulse10-1024, 1200-1800, 2000-2500, 3600 or as requested
Signal output methodcurrent output C / voltage output E / Complementary output F /Drive output L

Dimension: (mm)