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Good quality and high reliabilit
High optical disturbance resistanc

Technical parameter

Detection method:Regression reflex type
Detection distance:0.1-4m
Standard detection objectOpaque body Above 75mm
Hysteresis :-
Half power angle : Above 2 ℃
Light source (wavelength):Red light emitting diode(624nm)
Supplyvoltaqe:DC10~30V(includingvoltagefluctuation below 10%(p-p))Current consumption:Less than 25mA
Control output:NPN NO or PNP NO
Operating mode:-
load current:Below 100mA
Residual voltage:Below 3V
Workinstructions:Action indicator orange), stability indicator (qreen)
Protection circuit:Powerpolarity reverseconnection protection, output short circuit protection and output polarity reverse connection protection
Response time:0.5ms
Sensitivity adjustment: Single direction rotation
Ambient illumination(light receiving side):Incandescent lamp: less than 3000lx/Sunlight: less than 10000lx
Ambient temperature :During operation:-25℃~55℃/duringstoraqe:-40℃
70℃(no icing,condensation)

ambienthumidity:During operation:35~85%/during:35~95%(no condensation)
Insulationimpedance:Betweenthecharging partofthe charging part above 20MΩ (DC500V shakemeter) and the shell
Resistance to high pressure At 1000VAC 50/60Hz 1 minute between the charging part and the case
Vibration resistance:10~55Hz,complex amplitude 1.5mm X. Y. Z in each direction for 2 hours
Impact resistance :500m/S2, 3 times in X, Y,Z direction
Degree of protection:IP66
Housing material : ABS
Lens and display section :PMMA
knob : POM
Weight:Cable type: Approx.60g