Inductive Proximity Switch

  1. With short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection
  2. Directly connect with PLC
  3. Oil, water and interference resistant
  4. IP67

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Inductive Proximity Switch Square type ASN-04N1 NPN NO


General specifications:

Switching function: NO, NC, NO+NC

Output type: NPN

Rated operating distance: 5mm±10%

Installation: Non-flush

Output polarity: DC, AC

Assured operating distance:0—4mm

Output type: 3 wires, 2 wires

Nominal ratings:

Operating voltage: DC:6-36V, AC:110-220V

Switching frequency: DC: 0.5KHZ AC: 25HZ

Hysteresis: Type 5%

Reverse polarity protection: reverse polarity protected

Short-circuit protection: pulsing

Voltage drop: ≤1V

Operating current: DC 2 wires: 200ma   DC 3 wires: 300ma  AC: 400ma

No-load supply current: ≤10ma

Switching state indicator: red Led

Ambient conditions:

Ambient temperature: -25-70℃

Mechanical specifications:

Connection type: cable PVC 2m

Housing material: Plastic

Sensing face: ABS

Degree of protection: IP67


What is an inductive proximity switch?

This inductive proximity switch also known as a contactless proximity sensor,is an ideal electronic proximity sensor.

1. When the METAL detector is close to the sensing area of the sensor, the sensor can make no contact, no pressure, no spark, and send out the electric instructions quickly, accurately reflecting the position and the stroke of the moving mechanism, even for general stroke control, its positioning accuracy, operating frequency, service life, the convenience of installation and adjustment, and adaptability to the harsh environment are incomparable to those of ordinary mechanical stroke switches.

2. The inductive proximity switch is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile, and printing industries. It can be used as limiting, counting, positioning control, and automatic protection in the automatic control system. The inductive proximity switch features long service life, reliable operation, high repeat positioning accuracy, no mechanical wear, no spark, no noise, strong anti-vibration ability.

3. So far, the application of the inductive proximity switch is more and more extensive, and its development and innovation are very rapid.