Control panel behind only terminals, weighing about 70g, ultra thin ultra small.

Insulation resistance is high, as a pulse generator, the origin is most suitable for no machine tool modification,

Especially suitable for control panel design miniaturization.

The metal shell optional.

Can replace the inner close control of UFO series.

Electrical characteristics

Output type123
The power supply voltage of DC(V)5~15V (AC 1% below)10~304V (AC 1% below)5V±0.25
Current consumption (mA)voltagevoltagevoltage
The output voltage (V)Vm≦60≦80≦120
The output voltage (V)Vt≧Vcc-1≧Vcc-1≧2.5
Rise time (NS)≦0.5≦0.5≦0.5
Fall time (NS)≦10≦1≦0.1
The frequency response (KHz)≦5≦5≦5


Pulse per turn25 100
Performance of code001 002 003

Dimension: (mm)