DC output voltage24V
Output voltage tolerance±0.1%
Rated output current62A
Output current range0-62A
Output current range200 mVp-p
Incoming line stability±0.5%
Load stability±0.5%
DC output power1500W
DC voltage adjustable   range±10%
Input voltage range190-240VAC/47~63HZ
Input current7A/230V
Impulse current50A/230V
Leakage current<3.5MA/240VAC
Overload protection105%~150%, type: cut off   the output, reset: automatic recovery
Overvoltage protection115%-135%
High temperature   protection≥70℃ cut off output   (0-50℃)
Temperature coefficient±0.03%/℃(0-50℃)
Start, rise, hold time1.5S,50MS,20MS
Vibration resistance10~500HZ, 2G 10min,/1   cycle, duration 60 minutes, each axis
Pressure resistanceBetween input and output:   1.5KVAC Input and shell: 1.5KVAC Output and shell: 0.5KVAC
Isolation resistancebetween input and output;   input and shell, output and shell; 500VDC/100MΩ
Working temperature and   humidity-10℃~+60℃ (refer to output   characteristic diagram), 20%~90%RH
Storage temperature and   humidity-20℃~+85℃,10%~95%RH
Safety standardsMeet UL1950 requirements   (not apply for marking)
EMC standardCISPR22(EN55022),IEC1000-4,2,3,4,5,6,8,11  IEC1000-3-2