Novel appearance, easy to move, anti-jamming, strong carrying capacity.

With the X1/X2/X100 gear ratio.

Equipped with a control switch, emergency stop switch selectable.

Products are widely used in CNC machine tools, printing machinery and other numerical control equipment.

Plastic shell, high insulating strength.

Can realize 4 axis (axis6) axis select switch.

Humanized design, change in the operation.

Electrical characteristics

Japan all metal code disk, calibration accuracy, high precision, good texture
Voltage, differential, single end--three output options
Install bracket fixed mode, the built-in powerful magnetic
Abaxial surface with abrasion proof device
DC-516V input, 25 and 100 pulse can be selected
Strong anti-interference ability, long distance transmission
Support up to 11 axis control and magnification available
Wire to ensure the 200,000 stretch, natural is 2m long, stretching up to 4m
Appendix.: Power indicator lamp (LED, DC 24V), emergency stop and the accounts can choose
Application: CNC system include Mitsubishi, Siemens, Fanaco.


TypeA: Sumtak encoder; B: Roundss encoder
Application for CNC system021: Fanaco; 022: Siemens; 401: Mitsubishi,
Button typeS: additional emergency stop button; E: an additional button
Pulse per turn25 100

Dimension: (mm)