Type and Specification
Comply with the standard IEC/EN 61009-1
Rated current(A) In6-32A
Rated frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated working voltage(V) Ue230~
Rated insulated voltage(V) Ui400
Impulse withstand voltage(kV) Uimp4
Rated conditional short-circuit breaking capacity(KA) Icn3
Rated Residual current(mA) I∆n30100300
Thermo-magnetic release charaateristicB,C,D
Rated Residual making and breaking capacity Im/I∆m500A
Dielectric test voltage(KV)2.5
Service life Mechanical Standard value10000
(O-C) Electrical Standard value4000
Auxiliary contact(AUX)-
Alarm contact(ALT)-
Ambient temperature(with daily averages35℃)-5℃~+40℃
Protection degreeALL SidesIP40
Connection TerminalIP20
Pollution degree2
Reference temperature for setting of thermal element(℃)30
Storage temperature(℃)-25℃~+70℃
Tightening torque3
■Default □ Optional -None


SH6HM Earth leakage circuit breaker is mainly used in the protective circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 230V and rated current up to 40A. it is designated for the human electric shock and the equipment leakage protection, and it also has the functions of overload and short circuit protection. In addition, it can be used for infrequent on-and-off switching equipment and lighting circuit in normal case, especially suitable to the industrial and commercial lighting and power distribution system.Meeting the standard of IEC/EN61009-1.1P+N structure possesses functions of both residual and circuit breaker.Small volume and compact structure, comparing with the same sort of products, it has superior function and more favorable price.Bilateral busbar wiring capabilities to adapt to the wider use of premises.Maximum connecting ability of 25mm2, wiring torque 3N  m, applicable to a variety of installing equipments, wiring stronger.This product adopted the latest circuit design and high-performance components, it has strong bearing capacity and will not cause any wrong operation when surge current and surge over voltage go through it.Protection class:IP20