T3000 liquid level transmitter

Measurement Range0~0.1……1mH2O, 0~1……500mH2O
Overload Pressure1.5 times of full scales
Burst Pressure3 times of full scales
Accuracy±0.5%F.S, ±1%F.S
Long Term StabilityTypical value: 0.1%F.S, Maximum: 0.2%F.S
Working Temperature-40°C~85°C
Compensated Temperature-10°C~70°C
Medium CompatibilityAll corrosive medium compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti and316L
Electrical overviewTwo- wiredThree-wired
Power Supply12~36VDC5VDC10~36VDC/AC12~36VDC/AC
Load Resistance(U-10)/0.02>100k?
Electrical ConnectionWaterproof cover + Two rectangular Ring + Seal ring + Sealant +Glue, Protection: IP68
Pressure ConnectionG1/4 thread or Dive type
Response Time10ms
Pressure TypeGauge pressure
Electromagnetic compatibilityElectromagnetic transmit: EN50081-1/-2; Electromagnetic sensitivity: EN50082-2
Lightning-proofAir conduction voltage 8000V, shell or cable conduction voltage 4000V; Can also be provided according to customer's requirement