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The booming export industry of China can be attributed to the demand for its manufactured goods in the fields of electronic and electrical machinery and equipment, textiles and clothing, footwear, agricultural products, fuels, and chemicals. 

The nation is known for being the “world’s biggest factory” due to the strong business ecosystem, low labor costs, low taxes and duties, competitive currency practices, and lack of regulatory compliance.

If you’re planning to scale up your business, here’s a list of top float switch manufacturers in China for your perusal.


List Of Float Switch Manufacturers in China

Zhejiang Chenjie Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: Wenling, Zhejiang, China

Zhejiang Chenjie Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 to offer premium water pumps for various industrial and domestic applications.

It has provided a wide selection of high-quality and cost-effective pumps for agricultural and irrigation uses, civil plants, building and construction, groundwater and sewage applications, spa baths and swimming pools, and more for over a decade.

The company’s primary products are industrial pumps, centrifugal pumps, peripheral pumps, self-priming JET pumps, submersible pumps, and accessories like float switches that are vital to control pumps and alarms.

It has a water pump float switch and electrical liquid level control types. Other accessories include a pressure switch for the water pump, water pressure switch, electronic pressure switch with a socket, and others.

Zhejiang Huantong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Address: No 207 Xingguang Rd Xingguang Industrial Zone Luishi Town Yueqing City Zhejiang China

Zhejiang Huantong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has over 15 years of experience developing and marketing float switches, micro switches, pressure controllers, and mechanical buzzers. Its huge manufacturing factory has advanced production equipment and testing tools to ensure efficient and scientific quality control standards.

With ISO9001:2008 certification, the company’s premiere products continue their good standing in the domestic and global markets. It offers cable float switch (HT-M15-5, HT-M15-4, HT-M15-8, HT-80AB) and float switch (HT-70AB, HT-M15-9A, HT-M15-9, HT-M15-7, HT-M15-6, HT-M15-2, HT-M15-3, HT-M15-1).  

Wenzhou Tosun Electric Co. Ltd.

Address: Fortune Center Station Road, Wenzhou, China

TOSUN was established in 1994 to provide low-voltage electrical products and then expanded its list by adding lighting items. Its proprietary brand TOSUNlux is one of the famous names in domestic and overseas trading. 

With a large network of companies and branches in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Portugal, and Germany, TOSUN continues its commitment to offer premium products with one to five-year warranties.

Its TSY float switches (TSY-1, TSY-2, TSY-3, TSY-4, TSY-5) come in different colors, dimension curves, working temperatures, rated voltage, rated current, mechanical endurance, and electrical endurance.

Zhejiang Ninuo Electric Co. Ltd.

Address: Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang Ninuo Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in producing float switches, push buttons, digital panel meters, and indicator lights. These low-voltage power control products are essential to a variety of industries. Adhering to the “quality first, service first” corporate motto, Ninuo is known for delivering high-performance products and customer services to local and international clients.

Ninuo’s float switch products include ST-M15-5 bulb-type level float switch, float switch water level controller, 230-volt float switch, liquid water level sensor horizontal float switch, water tank low-level float switch, water pump float switch, liquid level control switch, and open tank float switch.

Taizhou Best Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Taizhou Best Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. started its operation in 2014 as a production, technical service, and sales company. Devoting time to Research and Development of electric heating technology, it has produced reliable, stylish, and popular heaters and other heating products. Eventually, it expanded its business to an online quality inspection system and advanced automatic control system.

Notable products of this company are the 220vac plastic horizontal liquid float water level switch vital to aid-based solution and oil, sewage, and branch water; and the stainless steel horizontal electric water tank float switch. 

Winston Electric. Co. Ltd.

Address: Yueqing City, Zhejiang, China

Winston Electric Co., Ltd. is a trusted high-tech company that caters to market niches in the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Germany, Peru, Italy, and Brazil. Its focus is designing, developing, and manufacturing high and low-voltage electrical products known for their superior quality, first-class craftsmanship, and competitive prices. It is also notable for providing exemplary delivery, packaging, and sales services.

Winston’s float switches include the WST-M15-1 float switch, WST-M15-4 float switch, WST-M15-18 AC 110V 5A IP68 float switch, WST-M15-15 AC 110V 21A pump float switch, WST-M15-17 AC 220V 16A pump float switch, WST-M15-6 110V AC 16A float switch, and more. Check out its online catalog to find what you need.

Yujiada Electric Co. Ltd.

Address: Shenzhen, Guandong Province, China

Yujiada Electric Co., Ltd is one of China’s leading manufacturers, distributors, exporters, and trading firms. It caters to global markets, which include North and South America, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

The main products of Yujiada are float switches, flow switches, water float level sensors, pressure switches of water pumps, foot switches, and more. In the Cable Float category, you can find float switch JN-M15-2, sewage cable float switch for water pump, KEY type liquid level controller, fluid level switch, water fluid level controller, and so on.

Meba Electric Co. Ltd.

Address: Liushi, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Meba Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional producer and supplier of top-tier and stylish electrical appliances. It is one of the best companies to purchase low and high-voltage electrical equipment, power distribution equipment, transmission & automation components, industrial tools, and switch lighting components.

Meba has a wide range of float switches and controllers for different functions. The list includes the M15-5 Meba cable float switch for the submersible pump, the M15-3 magnetic float switch, M15-2A fluid level controller, the M15-2B plastic water tank float switch, the M15-6 Meba PP float level switch, and more.

Jinhua Coofixtools I&E Co. Ltd.


Jinhua Coofixtools Co., Ltd. specializes in power tools manufacturing. With impressive success in its decade-plus history, the company aims to be recognized as the industry’s global leader.

Hence, its continuous research and innovation to create premium products. Its bestselling items are drills, circular saws, grinders, and rotary hammers. You can also check air, hand, garden, welding, and cordless tools of different specifications.

One of the company’s hot-selling products is the CF-FS750 float switch for water in striking orange color. It is designed for liquid level detection of small to medium storage tanks, liquid level alarm, and remote transmission of indication signals.

Beijing Gallop Technology Co. Ltd.

Address: Jiahua Building NO.9 Shangdi 3 Street Haidian District, Beijing

Beijing Gallop Technology Co., Ltd. operates based on its core value, “quality is our culture.” As one of China’s leading suppliers of flow meter and level sensor products. Its primary products are the ultrasonic level sensor, vortex flow meter, radar level transmitter, turbine flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, and pressure transmitters.

Operating globally, it is easy to get a bulk supply of its electric sensor float ball level switch controller and side-mounted water level switch ss float sensor. It also has an RF control switch, capacitive level meter, and RF admittance level gauge controller switch.


Finding a dependable and well-known supplier of float switches and other related products that you need to expand your business is the key to success. Our list of China’s top float switch manufacturers will make it easy for you to achieve your goal. Find out which one fits your requirements. Time is of the essence; call them now and select the best.