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India is one of the largest manufacturers in the world today. With a vast population and a flourishing economy, India has become a significant player in the global economy. In addition to being a manufacturer, India is also a consumer country and therefore needs to produce products that its people require.

Float switch manufacturing has been one of the sectors that have seen growth in India over the last few years. There has been an increase in demand for float switches in various industries, such as water treatment plants and power generation plants.

When it comes to buying a float switch, knowing where to look can be a challenge. These days, there are many companies manufacturing float switches in India. But it is challenging to choose the right one for your specific application. We have this article to help you choose a good quality float switch manufacturer from India.

List Of Float Switch Manufacturers in India

Care Process Instruments

Address: Kaveri Complex Nr. R.T.O. Circle, Subhash Bridge, Ahmedabad-380027

Care Process Instruments was founded in 2007 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and is one of the leading exporters, traders, and suppliers of industrial process instruments.

This company is a well-known exporter, trader, and provider of industrial process instruments. These have outstanding qualities, including a longer service life, accuracy, and efficiency, because they are built of high-grade materials.

For you to focus on your research and let them worry about the hardware, they work with their clients to understand your needs and financial limitations while creating solutions.

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Delhi, India

Electronics Hamilton Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001: 2008 certified business, produces and exports high-quality products. The business has advanced quickly and has maintained a stable performance over the past ten years with the help of highly skilled workers.

Their public, private, and government customers are happy with their products’ high quality and performance. The business benefits from the support of a sizable consumer base.

The business does everything possible to ensure customer pleasure. Under the supervision of seasoned engineers, the products are produced by IS/JSS specifications.

Scientific Devices

Address: Maharashtra, INDIA

One of the top brands in India in their industry is Scientific Devices, which has a phenomenal market share and a robust clientele.

In just 29 years, Scientific Devices has grown from a four-person technical firm to the best brand in India. The company’s extensive product line and market penetration testify to the quality of its products and sincere market presence.

Scientific Devices employs individuals from all around India at its production facility in Mumbai who works on product development, manufacturing, and research.

Sensotronic System

Address: Ved Mandir Road, Kankaria, Ahmedabad-380022

With 15 years of experience in Field automation, the Sensotronic System business has been helping industries meet their demand for the best solution in the field of automation.

The company primarily provides O.E.M. services to the pharmaceutical, textile, plastic processing, packaging, food, and drug industries. They promise to deliver prompt, smooth service to their customers, which is always the company’s competitive edge.

The business has adopted numerous technologies based on integrated solutions and offers various services, such as end-to-end project development solutions.

Sunflow Technologies

Address: Mumbai - 400063, Maharashtra, India

Sunflow Technologies has increased customer growth and business by creating a narrowly targeted array of industrial pressure valves and process control measuring instruments.

Sunflow Technologies is a well-known producer, exporter, and importer founded in Mumbai in 2006 and has ISO 9001:2008 certification. It is committed to creating a valuable and cutting-edge product line to raise clients’ businesses’ effectiveness, standard, and performance.

Sunflow Technologies have been supplying many industries, manufacturing, and research, with an advanced and automated range of process control measuring instruments.

Process Control Devices

Address: Shil-Mahape Road,Shilphata

Process Control Devices produce and deliver a wide range of high-quality measuring instruments. They provide tools for various fluids, including air, other gases, water, fuels, other liquids, and steam.

Their comprehensive product line offers suitable solutions for various applications and industrial conditions across a broad spectrum of measurement technologies. They can provide a top-notch technological solution for your application in every industry as an independent provider.

Process Control Devices is dedicated to offering the most outstanding technical assistance and the quickest responses to any inquiries as an ISO 9001: 2008 certified business.

R.R. Global

Address: Mumbai –400013, India

RR Global India concentrates on leading-edge technology and research to improve energy transmission reliability, safety, and efficiency.

The business is currently one of the top three retail wire makers in the country. This achievement, which no one would have expected a cable and wire firm to be capable of, is why they are selected by customers who are some of the top copper manufacturers in the nation.

In four decades, their drive for success via innovation and diligence led them to gain tremendous recognition, with RR Kabel emerging as the preferred option for wires and cables in India and globally.

Orikeet Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Address: New Delhi - 110086, India

Electrical company Orikeet Electricals Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of electrical equipment with headquarters in New Delhi, India, has five years of experience in winning over domestic customers.

Since they keep all of their promises regarding production, distribution, and other activities, they are the top option of many organizations when purchasing a range of electrical products.

Electrical company Orikeet Pvt. Ltd. is a dependable source of float switch and other electrical products. The business is steadily expanding in the Indian market and helping channel dealers with its fair pricing approach.

J. K. Instruments Co.

Address: Block - A, Jhilmil Colony,Delhi - 110095, India

A team of professionals from the process instrumentation sector, technical designers, and engineers make up J. K. Instruments Co. The company employs the most recent technology in its procedures, which enables them to produce new items and satisfy the demands of developing industries.

The team’s excellent command of the relevant procedures, which helps them to generate an inventive and personalized range of products, deserves credit for the organization’s growth.

They continually update and personalize their goods following the diverse application requirements in the sectors, maintaining the quality standards of their products.

Nishka Instruments

Address: Mumbai – 400 080, India

Nishka Instruments, founded in 2006, intends to offer measuring instruments and accessories of the highest caliber.

Nishka Instruments has developed industry-standard measuring tools best suited for industries dealing with petroleum, pharmaceutical chemicals, railways, sugar, textiles, thermal power, and hydroelectric power generation because they have worked with manufacturing unit owners and traders.

For customers to accurately perform the necessary measures and monitor, the business aims to offer the best products and services possible.


Float switches are an essential part of your business’s infrastructure, so it’s important to choose one that will meet the needs of your facility’s specific industry. The proper float switch manufacturer can help you find what you need to keep your business running smoothly.

We hope this article has helped you find the best float switch manufacturer in India that can provide a wide range of float switches, each with a unique set of applications and uses.