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Wondering where to find the best miniature circuit breaker manufacturers in Delhi? Check out this list!

MCBs are one of the most common electrical devices used in residential and commercial buildings. They are a type of circuit breaker that can be used for switching or protecting electrical circuits.

MCBs have become mandatory in all kinds of electrical installations, so it is important to keep track of the best MCB manufacturers in Delhi.

Here are some of the companies that you should consider.

List Of MCB Manufacturers in Delhi

Raajas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Address: New Delhi, Delhi

Raajas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) in Delhi, India. Raajas manufactures a wide range of miniature circuit breakers used in industrial applications.

Per the company’s website, they have an extensive experience in manufacturing MCBs since 1997. They have become one of the largest manufacturers in Delhi today because of its expertise, quality assurance system, and customer service standards backed by state-of-the-art facilities along with highly skilled manpower.

One of their products includes the Shield Miniature Circuit Breakers. This device features a 6-63/A current, 50Hz frequency, and 660V insulation voltage.

FTC Switchgear Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Haryana, India

FTC Switchgear Pvt Ltd manufactures electrical products, including MCBs in Delhi. They have a top-notch research and development team, and their products are sold worldwide.

This company sells two different kinds of miniature circuit breakers. This includes a circuit breaker (single/multi-pole) and isolator (multi-pole).

Their MCB single pole boasts a 10kA breaking capacity and is available in B and C curves. Additionally, this device is suitable for factory and machine applications.

They’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so you can assure that they’re someone you can trust when it comes to your electrical needs.

HPL Electric & Power Limited

Address: Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi

HPL Electric & Power Limited produces electrical equipment, including switchgear and circuit breakers. This reputable brand has a history in the Indian electrical industry dating back decades.

HPL Electric & Power Limited provides a broad range of miniature circuit breakers. These devices, which are high-quality and reasonably priced, include the Techno MCB, Osafe MCB, Rakshak MCB, and Techno N MCB.

Their Rakshak MCB features a 240/415V voltage rating. Additionally, this has a 6kA breaking capacity and is available in B and C curves.


Address: Delhi, India

Microtek is a pioneer in the production of tiny circuit breakers. Additionally, they believe that these devices offer a solution to the shifting demands for electrical distribution in various industries.

MCBs in this company are intended to provide improvements in operational safety. A few of their selections are the Single Pole & Neutral Pro (SPN), Double Pole Pro (DP), and Three Pole Pro (TP).

Their Three Pole Pro (TP) has a cutting-edge design. This device has a stylish look, wrap and handle in arc form for comfortable operation.


Address: Bawana, Delhi

In Delhi, India, Treman is a well-known electrical provider and manufacturer. Today, Treman strives to provide everything of the best quality to its clients.

Treman was instrumental in the development of dependable, safety-compliant miniature circuit breakers. Their product extends from single-pole to triple-pole MCBs.

Their double-pole small circuit breaker is available in B and C curves. What makes it more special is that this device is cost-effective.

Havells India Ltd.

Address: Expressway Noida

Havells manufactures dependable and high-quality miniature circuit breakers. Their products protect your home from any accidents caused by overload, short circuits, or overcurrents.

Havells offers various MCBs, including miniature MCB isolators, MCBs with high ratings, and more. They are an outstanding manufacturer, so they can provide you with the products you need.

One of the products includes the StadX MCBs, which protect motors and other inductive loads from overload. This device is also affordable and available in different curves.

Sanjay Electrical Traders

Address: Bhagirath Place, Delhi

As a respected company in the field since 1995, Sanjay Electrical Traders offers a superior assortment of MCBs. Their products are made from high-quality materials and licensed components under the careful supervision of competent staff.

Sanjay’s MCBs include the NS type, DH Type, DU type, and more. In addition to being accessible at a lower price, these are also accessible in frame size.

Their CVS-type miniature circuit breakers are one of their most popular products. This device comes in 10kA, 25kA, and 30kA breaking capacities.


These MCB manufacturers in Delhi boast the latest machinery, which helps them in producing quality products. Another advantage is their access to the best raw material suppliers and market players.

Last but not least, all their products are subject to international quality control standards before they are sent out to customers. Well, if you are ready and have found the company you need, get in touch with them as soon as possible!