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The world is growing at a fast pace, and so are the industries. Today, the trend of manufacturing has changed from small-scale to large-scale. The demand for MCBs is increasing day by day due to their wide range of applications in various industries.

When looking for MCB manufacturers in Gujarat, we can help you find one.

We’ve compiled a list of top-quality MCB manufacturers in Gujarat and their contact information so that you can get in touch with them and start taking advantage of their services.

List Of MCB Manufacturers in Gujarat


Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 380001

Are you trying to find MCB manufacturers in Gujarat? First on your list should be POOJA SWITCHGEARS!

Pooja has significantly aided in the advancement of reliable miniature circuit breakers over the years. Their outstanding products are perfect for industrial applications and exceed all technical standards for effective performance.

Their MCBs come in several sizes, including DP, SP, TPN, and more. These devices are made to provide protection and are easy to use.

With a 50Hz rated frequency, Pooja offers the highest caliber MCB. The cost-effectiveness and dependability of this equipment are both excellent. You can click here to find out more information about this product!

Falguni Trading Corporation

Address: Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad - 380001

Falguni Trading Corporation manufactures switchgears, control panels, and miniature circuit breakers. This company makes a wide variety of MCBs for use in diverse circumstances.

Today, this business is one of Gujarat’s largest manufacturers due to its expertise, quality assurance, and excellence in customer care. Their products are made to cater to all the demands of their clientele.

The company’s miniature circuit breaker is offered in various ranges, including TPN, FP, SP, and others. Additionally, this device has an electric shock protection feature.

Kabra Electricals

Address: Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad-380001 Gujarat, India

Kabra Electricals manufactures electronic items, particularly MCBs, in Gujarat. Their products are sold worldwide, and they have a top team engaged in developing their products and services.

Other businesses sell their small circuit breaker. This includes HPL, C & S Electric, and IndoAsian. Additionally, this corporation takes great delight in guaranteeing the security and dependability of its products.

Their MCB is offered in various price ranges. Since their website doesn’t have comprehensive descriptions of their products, drop them a message if you’re curious to learn more.

ACG Enterprise

Address: Odhav, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The ACG Enterprise is a global leader in manufacturing electrical MCB. They have created the most dependable products since its founding in 2012, and its customers have come to trust them completely.

This company sells a range of miniature circuit breakers in various designs. These include the Schneider 63A four-pole, Siemens 16A single-pole, and the Schneider 32A double-pole MCBs.

Their Schneider 63A Four-Pole MCB has a current rating of 63A. This device is ideal for your industry’s demands and has a 10kA breaking capacity.

J P Enterprise

Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

J P Enterprise manufactures a variety of electrical goods, including circuit breakers. This business, founded in 2014, has delightfully offered high-quality items in Gujarat.

J P provides a comprehensive range of miniature circuit breakers designed to adapt consistently to changing demands.

They have a better level of operational assurance on their AC MCB. There are single and double-pole versions of this device. Additionally, this item is of the greatest quality and is fairly priced.

This company has excellent customer relations. So don’t hesitate to ask anything here.

Industrial Marketing

Address: Ahmedabad-380001, Gujarat, India

Since 1997, Industrial Marketing has focused on producing miniature circuit breakers. This business has over 20 years of expertise and is now Gujarat’s leading producer of electrical goods.

They provide equipment for all applications because they are the major supplier of Schneider Electric MCBs for the engineering sector. This contains workable solutions to prevent potentially dangerous current flow inrush.

Additionally, this store provides the top Schneider electric miniature circuit breakers. The new Acti 9 range for low voltage DIN rail systems up to 63 A is available in their store.

P.C. Industries

Address: Gujarat, India

In Gujarat, P.C. Industries is a well-known supplier and exporter of electrical goods. Since the day they were founded, they have worked to provide everything to its consumers that are of the best quality.

This business was crucial in developing durable, high-end miniature circuit breakers. They provide MCB Single Pole and Switch Fuse Units, among other things.

Their Miniature Circuit Breaker has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance. This device’s affordability contributes to its distinctiveness.

Raj Electricals

Address: Bhavnagar - 364001, Gujarat, India

Raj Electricals manufactures reliable and exceptional miniature circuit breaker switches. These devices are ideal for several industrial applications.

They offer two different types of MCB switches. This comprises MCB switches C10 and DZ47-60. Additionally, these devices come in a wide range of sizes depending on the number of poles and rated power.

Their C10 MCB Switch provides safety by avoiding overload-related accidents. The product’s full specifications are available here.

Raj Electricals is an excellent manufacturer, so they can provide you with the products you need.

Darshil Enterprise / Sales

Address: Gujarat, India

As an established company in the sector, Darshil Enterprise / Sales provides a wide range of MCBs. Their products are made with premium materials and approved components under the careful supervision of competent staff.

By offering top-notch MCB products, this business has reached the pinnacle of success. Their items are also reasonably priced and available in a range of sizes.

Their miniature circuit breakers are among their best sellers. This device is guaranteed the highest quality and is offered in a range of poles.

You can also buy a customized item from Darshil. Following the dimensions and requirements you provide, Darshil will work with you. You can quickly post a query here!

Sunrise Technology

Address: Gujarat, India

Sunrise Technology has focused on supplying miniature circuit breakers since 2005.

They are one of the top MCB producers in the market and offer products for all sectors. These devices are designed for various electrical configurations to provide short-circuit protection.

Sunrise offers two different kinds of AC MCBs. They provide Schneider 32A Four Pole MCBs and Schneider MCBs with a single pole.

32A is the rated current for their Schneider 32A Four Pole MCB. This device comes in the C curve type and is sold under the Schneider brand.


With the increasing use of electrical equipment in our daily lives, it is important to ensure that we use things safely and responsibly. Rest assured that the companies on this list have the expertise, experience, and ability to provide you with a high-quality miniature circuit breaker that meets your exact requirements.

If you have any further questions about these devices, feel free to contact these companies by visiting their website.