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MCBs are the most commonly used devices for electrical protection. They are used to limit the current in case of an overload or short circuit. MCBs also acts as a switch that opens and closes the circuit when there is a fault. These devices can be operated manually or automatically.

MCBs come with different ratings according to their application and the type of current they can handle. The rating indicates how much current could pass through the device at a given voltage before it fails and opens the circuit.

When choosing an MCB, you must consider its capacity, operating temperature, insulation system, and mounting method. These factors will help you find the right product for your needs.

And of course, finding the right company to supply your needs is of utmost importance too!

List Of MCB Manufacturers in India


Address: Jhilmil Industrial Area, Delhi

Ollvin produces branded wire and cable products, including aluminum flat/round cables and cable brands in India. They excel in their wire design and technology as one of India’s top MCB manufacturing businesses.

When it comes to miniature circuit breakers, they have single-pole, dual-pole, triple-pole, and quadruple-pole systems. These types come in various models and specifications.

The single-pole model comes with six amps per pole (32, 40, 63, and 100). This device is made to guard against overloads and short circuits on the cable that runs behind the device.

RK industries

Address: Kh. No.-258 Narela Road Village akbarpur barota Sonipat Haryana

RK Industries is the company to contact if you’re seeking a reputable producer of MCB distribution boxes. They were established in 1988, and their years of experience speak of the quality they provide.

With the goal of ensuring corrosion resistance, RK Industries produces power-coated sheet steel for MCB boxes.

Their MCB distribution boxes are made with all the safety characteristics and are ideal for electrical professionals.

Due to their common electrical setups and designs, MCB boxes can operate continuously. Additionally, each box is customized to meet the needs of the customer.

Precision Electricals

Address: Maharashtra, India

Precision Electricals specializes in distributing miniature circuit breakers, and they’ve been doing so since 1988!

Being a premier MCB manufacturer in the electrical industry, they sell products for all applications. This includes checking for various electric current inrushes onto the exposed circuitry.

Precision Electricals sells a small-scale circuit breaker known as M5 Series, which protects all electrical amenities in homes and businesses.

Also, their M5 micro circuit breakers are used to stop overcurrent mishaps. This device is available in Single Pole B Curve, Single Pole Neutral B Curve, Double Pole B Curve, and more.

BCH Electric Limited

Address: Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

BCH has played a key role in creating dependable miniature circuit breakers for over 50 years already! Their efficient MCB complies with all industry standards for effective output and various commercial uses.

Due to their convenience of use, MCBs are preferred more than conventional fuses since they are the most dependable and secure option. Plus, their MCB has a lot of benefits, such as easy mounting, high performance, longer life span, and more.

Their miniature circuit breaker is offered in various current ratings, ranging from 0.5A to 63A. This device has a tripping curve of the B and C types, making it appropriate for low and high-current load applications.


Address: New Delhi - 110028, India

Ajay Electrical Industries is a reputable brand in the industry, offering a premium selection of MCBs. They’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and it’s not difficult to trust what they produce!

Their products feature high-quality, authorized components under the careful supervision of knowledgeable personnel.

Ajay offers two types of miniature circuit breakers — micro trip MCBs and double-phase MCBs. These devices are used to manage power distribution and are available at an affordable price.

You can also buy their Double Phase MCB. It’s specially designed with robust construction and heat resistance for a longer lifespan. You can buy this item at a price of 160 INR per piece.

S. R. Enterprises

Address: Maharashtra, India

R. Enterprises is a 1999-born business. They have a solid reputation abroad and supply miniature circuit breakers to various businesses. Their partner brands include Schneider Electric Products, Hensel, HPL Group, and others.

As a well-known manufacturer of MCBs, S.R. Enterprises distributes miniature circuit breakers worldwide. By offering high-quality items, their years of experience helped them win the trust of their customers.

Their AC Miniature Circuit Breakers have a breaking capacity of 10 kA under IEC 60898 and IS/IEC 60898. This device can also be utilized for DC applications up to 60V per pole


Address: Ernakulam, Kerala, India

PRIME LINKS believes circuit breakers are essential in protecting your home from short circuits. Because of this, they have made it a mission to produce high-quality MCBs. They have only been in the industry for less than five years, but they have already gained the locals’ and nearby customers’ trust and confidence.

Prime Links’ MCBs include compact MCB isolators and isolator switching devices. These devices are made to control electrical power systems.

Their MCB features single, double, three, and four poles. This device is also available in different curves, such as B, C, and D.

Ship Switchgears

Address: Punjab, INDIA

Ship Switchgears is a notable innovator in the high-quality production and export of a variety of electrical items. They’re a pioneer in producing miniature circuit breakers—supported by their over 30 years in the business.

This company has an extensive selection of MCBs with ratings ranging from 0.5A to 63A. These devices are crucial for providing over-current protection in electrical networks as well as a way to disconnect.

Their MCB-Triple Pole has a large terminal design and high breaking capacity.


The main focus of these Indian manufacturers is to provide high-quality and reliable products in the market. To remain competitive, these Indian manufacturers invest in the latest technologies and innovations. As a result, you can rely on these manufacturers to provide you with the best MCBs for your needs.