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Today, photoelectric sensors are used in many industries and applications. There are various photoelectric sensor manufacturers in India playing a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy.

The Indian government has urged its industrial sector to increase exports to make the country more competitive in the global market.

The industrial sector is also even expected to be the major driver of economic growth for India over the next decade, with manufacturing being an important part of this growth.

Here are a few India-based companies that manufacture photoelectric sensors just in case you’re looking for one.

List of Photoelectric Sensor Manufacturers In India


Address: Mumbai- 400022, Maharashtra, India

Throughout India and abroad, this company supplies innovative and high-quality products.

This company has 29 years of experience in building automation, factory automation, among others.

LEELAVATI AUTOMATION PVT. LTD. offers many products and services, including automation components, factory automation industrial equipment, building management systems, and more.

The company also features a Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor. This product is for doors and entrance control to fulfill the needs of the door industry.


Address: Dapodi - 411012 Maharashtra, India

Binex creates and distributes durable industrial goods for a variety of industries. This includes intensive illumination in modern machine shops and other applications.

The company also ensures to maintain a long-term relationship with clients.

Binex offers internet of things (IoT) products to the machine tool manufacturing industries. Intending to be the best in the market, the company focuses on the development of technologies.

Binex presents M18 Direct Diffuser With Adjustable Background Suppression – FA BGS Series.

It features a 300 mm adjustable reading distance, LED light status indicator, and more. You can also find other amazing products on site.


Address: Mayur Vihar, Delhi, India

Founded in 2002, DYDAC CONTROLS provides a range of services and has become a well-known supplier, exporter, manufacturer in India.

The organization strives to provide the greatest items at all times. With their testing machines and R&D department, this company can produce faultless items.

DYDAC CONTROLS offers photoelectric sensors with NBR, Nylon, PVDF material and operates at 200VDC voltage.

PMP Automation Pvt Ltd.


For over 20 years, this company has provided cost-effective services to the country. Many firms have chosen this company as a trusted source of automation goods and services.

For packaging machinery, this company provides Delta PLC, Delta HMI, ARK SCADA, and VFD. They also manufacture control panels, noted for their high quality, durability, and dependability.

PMP Automation Pvt Ltd. features Laser Photoelectric Sensors. It has a wide range of tiny geared motors.

This includes electromagnetic brakes-attached and biaxial cylindrical shaft models. A complete specification is available on the manufacturer’s website.


Address: Sitapura, Jaipur, Pin- 302022

TechnoS is a technology-based solutions provider that specializes in advanced materials processing.

Graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology formed this company. They are also guided by an experienced staff of PhDs, engineers, and MBAs.

TechnoS offers technology solutions for the production of advanced materials.

They also provide consultancy and manufacturing of advanced material processing and analytical tools. They also specialize in R&D services for material processing and characterization.

This company features PVF Series Sensors. Given a big size adjuster, a screwdriver for the sensitivity adjuster is not required. There is a fiber insertion indicator included.

Banner Engineering India Pvt.

Address: Maharashtra - 411016, India

Banner Engineering India Pvt started in 2007. They have grown in leaps and bounds since then, serving clients all over the globe.

The company focused on obtaining the greatest degree of quality in its products.

This company offers a high-quality product line with a sophisticated infrastructure. Their manufacturing facility has all the necessary facilities for large-scale product production.

Banner Engineering India Pvt. features the Miniature Photoelectric Sensor. This is a Miniature Sensor type with plastic material and alarm range of 1 meter, 2.5 meters, readily available in multiple range of colors.


Address: Ahmedabad - 380061, Gujarat, India

The company is working under the competent direction of Mr. Rohit Patel. It is well-known as a reputable supplier, trader, and distributor of measuring instruments.

The company offers Variable Frequency Drives, Display Units, and more. The company is also an authorized distributor of Autonics Automation, FLUKE, and TESTO.

The company provides photoelectric sensors with a new generation of ultra-compact sensing capabilities, including the E3T Series.

This photoelectric sensor has a built-in amplifier E3T and is ultra-compact and ultrathin. Easy installation and mounting are among the improvements in the E3T Series.

Delta Electronics

Address: MIDC Industrial Area

Throughout the world, Delta Electronics provides solutions for thermal and power management.

Its purpose is to create innovative and energy-efficient solutions for a brighter world. It pays a particular emphasis on important environmental concerns like global climate change.

Delta offers energy-efficient power equipment, including switching power supplies. Also, telecom power with efficiencies of up to 98 percent, and PV inverters with efficiencies of up to 99.2%.

Delta provides photoelectric sensor products, including flat, lateral, cylindrical, and rectangular selections.

This is to fulfill a wide range of customer needs. Photoelectric sensors of the flat kind can be on any equipment without taking up too much space.

Powertech Equipments

Address: Maharashtra, India

This company provides unique solutions with a high return on investment. This is by utilizing cutting-edge technology, years of expertise, and understanding. This company takes pride in identifying the best solutions.

Powertech provides turnkey automation solutions, including PLCs, SCADA systems, DCS, and drives. Also, the company designs and manufactures microprocessor-based electronic control systems, etc.

This company features Autonics Photoelectric Sensors.

This is in through-beam, retro-reflective, and diffuse reflective type. It has an optional universal power supply of 24-240 UAC / DC ± 10% and selectable light ON / dark ON.


Address: Tamil Nadu, India

This company is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Metal Sensors. These instruments are being used to deliver a competitive selection of items.

Metal sensors, such as capacitive sensors, are available from the company. This is in demand due to its longer life, rust resistance, and trouble-free nature.

The company also uses machines to manufacture the entire product according to industry standards.

Wisdom Automation features Photoelectric Sensors for Laboratory automation and Medical devices. This has ABS and Metal material with 220-240 Volt (v).


The widespread use of photoelectric sensors makes finding a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer a bit challenging. Hopefully, this list of companies will help you choose the best one for your needs.

Most of these Indian companies invest in in-house research, development, and marketing. As a result, they are better equipped to develop products that meet the market’s changing demands.