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Photoelectric sensor suppliers play a vital role in developing new products and processes for production, safety, and health.

There are many companies that manufacture photoelectric sensors in the UAE, and they use sophisticated technological equipment to develop high-quality instruments.

If you’re looking for photoelectric sensor suppliers in the UAE, be sure to check out the list below.

List of Photoelectric Sensor Suppliers In UAE

Vacker Group

Address: Sheikh Rashid Building Deira, Ittihad Road

As a result of years of quality work, Vacker Group has earned a reputation for being a leading automation company in Building Management Systems (BMS) and industrial automation in the UAE.

When it comes to sensors, Vacker supplies different types of photoelectric sensors, including their VAC-PE-42 series.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information regarding the specifications of their photoelectric sensors. Vacker recommends sending them an inquiry request to know more about their products.

Hassan Abbas Trading

Address: Dubai, UAE

In 1997, Hassan Abbas Trading was formed in order to supply industrial products to organizations in the region. 

Today, following more than two decades of hard work and experience, the company is a major supplier in the UAE.

They make both PNP and NPN photoelectric sensors with either normally open or normally closed contact options.

Additionally, they offer photoelectric sensors suitable for 220V direct operation directly available in their inventory.

Arabian Automation LLC

Address: Al Mowaihat 3 Ajman Industrial Area 2 - Ajman

Since its foundation, Arabian Automation has grown into one of the industry’s leading distributors of industrial automation products and components.

Having access to the best products from the most reputable industrial automation brands allows the company to provide its customers with the most cost-effective products possible.

You can choose from a wide range of products from well-known industrial automation brands at the most competitive price from the company, including its SICK photoelectric sensors.

With SICK’s extensive range of photoelectric sensors, you can create market-leading solutions through accurate optics and advanced technology. 

The sensors use SIRIC® and LED technology to deliver the highest level of performance without interference.

Enviro Engineering Trading LLC

Address: Dubai, UAE

Instrumentation, automation, and control equipment are the core expertise of Enviro Engineering Trading L.L.C., founded in 1996.

Having been in business for more than 25 years, their company has become a major supplier in the region and has rapidly entered the GCC market.

A wide range of photoelectric sensors is available from Enviro, including the GR18S.

An excellent cost-effective photoelectric sensor, the GR18S series comes in the cylindrical M18 housing with a specially shortened design. The five different housing designs enable it to be used in different applications universally. 

Besides the PinPoint LEDs and plastic and metal housing options, the sensor series includes status indicators visible from any angle. 

One noteworthy feature is the fully flush metal variant, ideal for handling and storage systems in harsh industrial environments.

Synergy International Fze

Address: Hamriyah Freezone, Lob-47, Off-03

Synergy International FZE is the company behind, a website that sells photoelectric sensors. They are one of the largest suppliers of these products.

They distribute many IFM’s photoelectric sensors, and one of these is the EFECTOR OG5045 series.

The red light in this sensor is placed in a threaded housing and comes with PNP electrical design. As an option, the device also offers a dark-on/light-on mode.


In the UAE, photoelectric sensors are used in various industries, from environmental protection to automotive and traffic control. It is important to filter out suppliers who do not have a strong track record and past performance.

A good supplier will guarantee quality products at a competitive price. They should provide a variety of photoelectric sensors for different needs and industries.

In the UAE, many suppliers claim to deliver on these expectations, but that may not always be true. It is always best to filter them out as early as possible with the help of an experienced supplier.