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South Africa’s electronics sector is so diverse that it ranges from consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, and electrical machinery.

The country is responsible for over R90bn worth of different electrotechnical tools and equipment per year. The country’s booming electronics industry can be attributed to their industry’s world-class capabilities.

So, if you’re looking for solid state relay manufacturers, you might as well consider South African companies. Here are some of them.

List of Solid State Relay Manufacturers In South Africa

Thermon South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Address: Bedfordview, Johannesburg 1619

Thermon South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is a thermal engineering service provider that caters to such industries as food and beverage, manufacturing, mining, power generation, and petrochemical.

Since electrical heating is their main line of business, they have been involved in designing and manufacturing control systems, heating elements, temperature sensors, container heating, and other electrical heat tracing equipment. 

When it comes to solid state relays (SSRs), the company carries universal SSRs, analog inputs, logic inputs, wattcor, drives, and SSR drivers and accessories.

The universal types are labeled as ‘zero crossovers,’ which means they’re reliable when switching electrical loads.

These SSRs have 10 to 40 and 3 to 32 VDC trigger voltages and 400 Vac. 25A, 250Vac load ratings. 


Address: Red Hill, Durban, KZN, South Africa

DIYElectronics was launched in 2013, and since then, it has been providing the local market and international clients with high-quality electronics, hardware, and support.

They are also frontrunners in driving change and innovation in their communities by marking electronics and hardware available to industry professionals, semi-professionals, and hobbyists. 

Currently, the company carries 12 products under the SSR category.

These products include 20A/36V one-channel Mosfet relay modules in 3.3V to 10V logic, 3 to 32V DC input SSRs, and 5V one-channel 15A/36VDC time relays.

Unfortunately, there is no discussion on the individual specifications of these SSRs. So, when you need to order them, it’s better to inquire directly from the company.


Address: 202 Erasmus Avenue Raslouw AH Centurion

Riecktron is a dealer of international and world-renowned brands like Arduino, Helium, Carbide 3D, Lumenati, and Raspberry Pi.

These brands supply the local market with different products such as audio chips, development tools, sensors, and power accessories.

The good thing about the company’s online platform is it has an indicator of its current inventory.

Meaning, you can check, in real-time, if a specific product is available. If it’s not available, they also indicate the number of days it takes before they can be ordered. 

In terms of SSRs, they carry 3 to 32V DC input 40A ones with stock code COM-13015. These SSRs could switch up to 40A current load at zero cross-trigger control and 3 to 32V DC input.

Each of these relays comes with four different screw terminals, which can be used with fork or ring connectors. Aside from that, it also comes with covers that slide over the SSR surface to protect its terminals.


Address: 1939 Vereeniging, South Africa

Rabtron was launched in 19991, and 30 years later, they’ve established themselves as a leading retailer of electronic components in the South African market.

They offer a wide array of measurement and test equipment, electronic tools, and electronic components.

Their diverse product range is one of the main reasons why their clients patronize them. With these, the company became a one-stop convenience shop for all electronic components. 

Currently, the company carries nine types of solid state relay products. These include 25A 480V SSRs, 25A SSRs with 100K POT, and 1.52VDC, 250VAC 16A ones.

Unfortunately, the website has no further descriptions of these SSRs in its inventory. Also, most of these items are currently out of stock.

So, if you’re planning to purchase one from the company, better send them an inquiry.


Address: 498 Krige Street Silverton Pretoria

Electrahertz has been serving the South African and global markets since 1982. They offer various electrical products that form part of the best solutions to the needs of different industries.

They started out specializing in Power Factor Correction and expanded their offerings to include specialized electrical supplies.

They now design, plan, and manufacture all sorts of distribution boards and industrial control panels that meet their clients’ specifications.

They are also compliant with the ISO 9000 and SANS 61439-1 standard. 

They carry different SSRs like PCB mount, miniature SSRs, plug-in, general-purpose SSRs, 20/30A high power SSRs, and three-phase SSRs.

These SSRs have an operating voltage of 8 to 17 VDC to 35 to 72 VDC and a switching voltage of 1.5 to 3.3 VDC to 12 to 275 VAC.


Address: 4051, South Africa

Weidmuller has been in the industry for over 50 years. This is the main reason they’re one of the most trusted brands when it comes to connectors, electronics, enclosures, terminals, and other electronics products.

They serve different industries like renewable energy, device manufacturing, transportation, energy, process, and machinery. 

Unfortunately, the company’s website didn’t include specific descriptions of the features and technicalities of the SSRs they have on their inventory.

Instead, they only listed these SSRs and included an add to cart button for each item. It’s best to get in touch with the company to know the technicalities of these items.

Temp Tek

Address: Johannesburg, Gauteng 2055

Temp Tek partnered with the best manufacturers in the electronics and industrial automation industries to deliver the best, high-quality products to their local clients.

Their excellent relationship with these suppliers enabled them to get stellar support in their sales, marketing, and after-sales efforts.

So, whether it’s a technical query or maintenance request, the company got you covered. 

In terms of SSRs, Temp Tek carries 3 to 32V DC input 40A ones. These SSRs could switch up to 40A current load at zero cross-trigger control and 3 to 32V DC input.

It also comes with a LED display to know the device’s status even when it’s operating.


South Africa may be an emerging market, but it’s surprisingly at par with its first-world counterparts when it comes to electronics and industrial automation.

The efforts these companies put into their research, development, and networking programs are visible in how their target markets respond to their products and services.

With this, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider South African manufacturers as your SSR partner.