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The United States remains one of the key players in the global solid state relay market. North America captures the largest market share because of the increasing investment in manufacturing electronic devices.

The solid-state relay market prediction is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% from forecast years 2021-2026. If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of solid-state relays (SSRs), you’ll find that the U.S. offers a wide range of high-quality options.

To help you decide on the right supplier, we’ve come up with a list of the top solid-state relay suppliers in the United States.

List of Solid State Relay Manufacturers in the United States


Address: Temecula, California, 92590 USA

Opto22 has been operating as a manufacturer of hardware and software products since 1974 and employs between 50 to 200 people.

They developed a manufacturing technique that increased reliability but decreased the production cost of solid-state relays (SSR).

This technique allowed them to create a complete line of SSRs that remains reliable today.

Opto22 has a complete line of SSR products. Their Power Series SSRs have a wide range of voltage and current options. The Printed Circuit Series SSRs can control up to 4 amps and mount on circuit boards.

They also have a low-cost 10 amp SSRs, the Z Series. All their products are UL and CSA recognized, individually tested twice, and have a lifetime guarantee.


Address: Naperville, Illinois 60563 USA

POWER-IO is a manufacturer and supplier of solid-state relays, solid-state contactors, motor starters, and I/O modules.

They have a management team with a combined experience of over 60 years in industrial manufacturing.

Their services extend to designing customized products and fast completion of UL, CSA, and CE testing requirements.

POWER-IO specializes in making advanced products for power control applications using their customized insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) design.

With their vast inventory of DIN rail solid-state relay products and I/O modules, you are sure to find one that meets your requirements. You can easily purchase with confidence online through their website via credit card payment.

Rockwell Automation

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

Rockwell Automation is a leading Fortune 500 company that manufactures industrial automation and information technology components.

The company started in 1903 and has been serving the industry for more than 100 years.

They are committed to creating products of the highest safety and quality standards through various certifications.

They have a wide range of products: general-purpose relays, general-purpose timing relays, IEC industrial relays, NEMA industrial relays, NEMA industrial timing relays, and solid-state relays.

Their line of solid-state relays is under their Allen Bradley brand, their line of factory automation equipment. The advantage of their designs—no movable parts that could wear out, and compatibility to industrial controllers.

Teledyne Defense Electronics

Address: Hawthorne, CA 90250-3384 USA

Teledyne Defense Electronics is a manufacturer of custom and off-the-shelf highly engineered solutions in the areas of avionics, radar, Satcom, missiles, electronic warfare, and test and measurement.

This company has a very comprehensive portfolio featuring a dozen consolidated business units.

One of their business units includes Teledyne Relays, which focuses on advanced relays and coax switches.

Their industrial solid-state relays (ISSR) are ideal for precise heating, lighting, and motor control applications. 

Their ISSRs come in variations—panel mountable, surface mountable, or DIN-Rail compatible.

Eaton Corporation

Address: Parkway South, Whittier, CA 90601 USA

Eaton Corporation is a multinational company and a manufacturer of power management technology and services.

The company started in 1911 when its founder Joseph Eaton invested in the first-ever gear-driven truck axle. After over 100 years of building its name in the industry, it has created massive employment of 85,000, serving 175 countries.

They offer a line of control relays and timers for end-users and industrial requirements.

Their solid-state relays are known for their long service life, no moving parts to wear, integrated heat sink, flexible mounting, reduced electromagnetic interference, vibration resistance, quick response, and insulated input-output terminals.

MCR Inc.

Address: Suite A Brighton, Colorado, USA

MCR Inc. is the holding company of the Sinotimer brand, a leading manufacturer and supplier of solid-state relays.

This company has its design and development center in Colorado, while its manufacturing center is in China.

The company maintains high-quality standards by being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and having other international approvals for its products.

Currently, the company is offering two types—the Industrial 25A Solid State Relay Single Phase SSR Relay Module and the 3 Phase Solid State Relay Module 100A AC to AC output 30-480V High Voltage Solid State Relay.

They have both customized and wholesale product offerings.


Address: Hauppauge, New York 11788 USA

Sensitron is a privately held company founded in 1969 serving the defense and space industries.

More than a hundred employees help the company manage and supply integrated electronic and semiconductor products to the commercial aerospace and medical market.

Their main product line is the Small Footprint Solid State Relay SSR Contactor SSR Series.

Its features include lower power control, 2kV isolation control input to output, and small size but with high current terminals and three-point mounting plate.

Recently it has released a new product, the High Voltage Contactor Controller, which automates activation of an external contactor, has lower power consumption, has a built-in 500V clamp, and uses contactor coil voltage for operation.

IDEC Corporation

Address: 1175 Elko Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2209 USA

Established in 1945 in Tokyo, Japan, IDEC Corporation started as a retailer and wholesaler of electrical equipment and devices.

In 1947 they began to manufacture and sell switches. In 1975 they established IDEC Corporation in California.

For more than 70 years, they have remained one of the leading automation and control products providers.

They offer two series of solid-state relays—RSC Solid State and RSS Solid State. The RSC Solid State Relay has the technology to dissipate heat away from the switching components because it has a built-in heat sink.

The RSS Solid State Relay has a built-in snubber and is highly resistant to inrush, ideal for demanding loads.

HB Controls

Address: Bldg #2 Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601 USA

HB Controls is a relatively new company, founded only in 1985, but has created a solid name by designing and manufacturing high-quality solid-state relays and power controllers.

They have their custom-designed heat sinks for safer operations even in harsh environments.

While they have customized relays, they also include other top products in their lineup, such as Celduc Relais, Carlo Gavazzi, and Crydom.

They accept purchases via their website and offer free shipping for orders of more than $100 within the U.S. and a flat rate for international shipping.

Carlo Gavazzi

Address: Buffalo Grove, Illinois USA

Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components has been serving the industrial automation market for more than 80 years. It is a company that started in Milan, Italy, but has expanded its operations in 64 countries.

They have a wide range of solid-state relays used for temperature controls in HVAC industries, food processing, and packaging.

This company also specializes in electromechanical relays for automation.

They have relays that can handle load switches up to 30 Amps, come in various coil voltages, and are available in plug-in and PCB mounting. It also comes with a push-to-test button and an LED indicator.


We hope you found the list of U.S. suppliers helpful. When buying solid-state relays, consider several factors such as the electrical environment, line voltage, control voltage, panel mount, and the current rating.

Choose a supplier that is closest to you to avoid shipping problems.