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Sri Lanka’s electronic and electrical industry is becoming more and more progressive that it’s set to step up on its global value-added supply chain.

Its cutting-edge services and products like proximity sensors and switches are successful because its workers have exemplary qualifications like specialized tertiary education, diplomas in electronics and electrical engineering, and an outstanding level of professionalism.

If you’re considering Sri Lanka as your supplier of switching power supplies, check out the list of companies below.

List of Switching Power Supply Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

Hogwa Technologies

Address: Ranala, Sri Lanka

Hogwa Technologies has been in the business for over 15 years. Their main objective in business is to provide essential, valuable, and high-quality products that their customers can rely on.

One thing that sets them apart from their competitors is the presence of a dedicated Customer Service department that’s available 24/7. 

The company sells switching power supplies like one with DC adjustable converters, non-isolated voltage module properties, non-synchronous rectification switches, 4.5 to 35 V input voltage, 1.3V-30V less than the input output voltage, 3A maximum output current, and 92% maximum conversion efficiency.

They also sell DC step-up boost converters with non-isolated module properties, non-synchronous rectification, 3.8 to 32 V input range, and <94% conversion efficiency.

CCTV World Technology

Address: Colombo 12, Sri Lank

CCTV World Technology partnered with such international brands as Dahua, Imou, Sky Tech, Sky Vision, Haing, Besta, Realtime, and Seagate to bring quality and reputable switching power supplies to local and international clients. 

The company carries 12V 5A to 30A CCTV power supplies with such specifications as 80 mV p-p ripple and noise, 0.5% load regulation, 0.5% line regulation, 88-264VAC input, 5G vibration, ability to withstand up to 300VAC surge input, and overvoltage, overload, and short-circuit protection.

They also sell Dahua CCTV power supplies with such features as C90~264Vac and AC90~264Vac wide voltage inputs.


Address: Colombo-11, Sri Lanka

Camera.Ik specializes in cameras, DVR/NVR, CCTV accessories, time attendance equipment, indoor video phones, and other miscellaneous electronics and electrical supplies.

Every security system item the company carries has been tested thoroughly to ensure that their customers only receive the most reliable, best performing, and highly laudable products.

The company is an authorized dealer of security camera system products. Because of this partnership, they could offer the best-priced products at exceptional quality to their customers.

Their switching power supplies are available at 100 to 120V-60HZ and 200 to 220V-50HZ  input values and +12V to 30A output value.

Their TK 02 CCTV line is available at 100 to 120V-60HZ and 200 to 220V-50HZ  input values and +12V to 15A output value.


Address: 11010 Ragama, Sri Lanka

HD FOCUS Solutions aims to be a CCTV technical service provider that offers customers high-performance, well-managed surveillance service that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They provide a reliable, user-friendly, and technical approach when relating with their customers. Their engineers work by integrating various components to be able to design the right solution. 

They sell a 75W 24V DC switching power supply with wide-range 90~264Vac voltage input that meets the requirements for electronic network fluctuation.

These switching power supplies also support multi-channel cameras that meet the different demands of different power supply loads.

These power supplies also support an adjustable outage voltage to adjust its output resistance to the proper output voltage.


The Sri Lankan electronics industry has been steadily rising because of the continued patronage and support of local and international clients who trust their products.

Although these companies may not develop their power supplies, they partnered with the best multinational brands. So, the next time you look for a reputable switching power supply company, consider the suppliers on this list.